1. How often do I return to the clinic to have my weight checked?

After your first visit you will choose your return schedule. Some patients want to be checked every week to keep their motivation up. Others are more comfortable being seen in the clinic on a monthly basis or every two weeks. Whichever schedule you choose we will work with you to achieve the results you want.

2. What is the average cost of the program?

The initial start-up fee for new patients is usually $85. This includes your first appointment evaluation as well as one month’s supply of our basic medication. The cost of subsequent visits depends upon the strength and amount of the medication and includes the cost of the medication for one month–usually between $70 and $75. The cost of a visit without medication is usually $40. When a patient is not seen for a year or longer, the initial fee of $85.00 will be charged.

3. What happens on my first visit?

On your first visit with us, you will be given forms to complete that will give the doctor the pertinent information about your health history, any medications that you are taking, and your exercise and eating habits. You will than be seen by the physician who will evaluate your information, check to make sure that any medications that you are taking will not interfere with the weight loss medications. He will also check your blood pressure, heart, and lungs. At this time, you will also review the details of your program with the doctor including your eating pattern, the suggested foods, and your exercise program. If there are no problems, you will be started on the medication that helps reduce your appetite and be given an appointment to return, so that your response to the medicine can be evaluated.

4. What is the average monthly weight loss?

There is no average weight loss. The amount of weight you lose will depend on several factors including your eating pattern, the amount of exercise you do, your hours of work and the amount of weight you want to lose. The doctor will work with you to achieve the maximum weight loss for you.

5. Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?

We are located in Stockton, California, at 1502 St. Marks’s Plaza, Suite 5. Our office is visible from March Lane, one block west of Pershing Avenue.
Our office hours are Monday and Thursday, 9:00 AM to noon, and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday, 9:00 AM to noon, and 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Friday, 9:00 AM to noon.

6. What medicines do you use for weight loss?

The primary medicine is an anorectic medicine that reduces the feeling of hunger. Some patients also find that injections of B-12 to give them increased endurance and energy. This vitamin is also available.

7. Do you have diets available to help guide my eating?

Yes, we do have diets for use by our patients who desire a more structured eating pattern. Incidentally, using our program along with another program such as Weight Watchers greatly increases your chances of success in losing weight and keeping it off.

8. Do you have to exercise with the Nu You Weight Loss program?

Exercise is definitely advised as a means of reducing weight, reducing stress, and keeping the muscles toned. It is also important as an aid in keeping the excess pounds off. It is not necessary to use a commercial aerobic program, but a regular, consistent exercise program that goes along with your age and physical status will be a definite asset. We can help you develop such a program.

9. Do you need an appointment in order to be seen?

For your initial visit, an appointment is definitely necessary. This allows the physician to take his time in evaluating your health status and work with you in outlining the specifics of the program. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the program. After the initial appointment, it is best to make an appointment so that you will not have to wait. Of course, if you do decide to drop in, you may have to wait for those who have made appointments or whoever is next in line. We will try to see you as quickly as possible.

10. Are any of the medicines used in the program dangerous?

Most people who try to lose weight on their own use so-called “over the counter products” (OTC). Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not routinely screen these products. This occurs because if a marketer of a product indicates on the label that the product is not used to diagnose or treat a disease condition, the FDA has limited control over it. There has been much written and said recently about a couple of these products—most recently about a chemical called ephedra which is a potent heart stimulant. The use of this product in OTC medications has caused strokes, heart disease, and death in some users.

Such compounds are modified and used safely in regular medical practice under the supervision of qualified physicians. The problem comes when manufacturers trying to produce rapid weight loss in consumers and avoid scrutiny by the FDA add these compounds to other products. However, it is important to remember that all medications (even aspirin) have some side effects. These effects can be as slight as a mild skin rash or as severe as breathing problems and allergic reactions causing death. The medicines used in the Nu You Weight Loss Program for reducing appetite have a long history of safe use in the hands of qualified physicians; however, there may be possible side effects. These will be discussed during your first visit. It is part of the assurance you have in coming to us that a qualified physician is overseeing your program and is available for questions or problems that may arise. You are carefully monitored each month, and the effect of the medicine on your body and mind are considered at each visit. It is part of the philosophy of Dr. Holmes to give the best medical care possible using the safest medicines available to help his patients achieve their weight loss goals.

11. What is a Medical Program for Losing Weight?

There are several kinds of weight loss programs available for the general public.

• Some of the most popular programs only deal with dieting by using special foods prepared by the organization and advice given by inadequately trained helpers. After a while these foods tend to become boring and are very expensive.
• Other programs combine dieting with exercise but do not prescribe medications. They are of limited value because of the amount of self-denial they involve.
• Still others do not use any dietary counseling nor do they advise exercise but depend strictly on the use of medications. These approaches are not sufficient to keep the weight off.
• The most drastic programs are involve surgery to reduce the size of the stomach which limits the amount of a food a person is able to eat (these are available only for the severely obese).

The Nu You Weight Loss Program is a medical program which combines medicines specifically designed to reduce the appetite with exercise, emotional support and learning how to eat properly to not only reduce weight, but also to keep it off. Combining these approaches allows the patient to reduce the intake of food while he or she is learning new eating and lifestyle habits.


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