Nu You Weight Loss Program

About the doctor...

Dr. James Holmes is a graduate of Loma Linda (California) University School of Allied Health in physical therapy. After eleven years of practice in that field, he returned to study medicine. He was graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1974. Having practiced general medicine for over thirty years as a primary care physician, Dr. Holmes has had many years of experience in dealing with the problems of overweight and obesity since these problems affect many other physical conditions. His training as a physical therapist has given him greater knowledge in understanding the importance of exercise in weight loss. He has had a physical therapy practice in association with his medical practice for over twenty years.

Dr. Holmes has conducted numerous lifestyle change programs and lectured on different problems associated with lifestyle and obesity. Because of his extensive medical background and experience, he is able to answer questions from patients during their visits for weight control that are associated with many areas of health, although his primary focus is in the area of weight loss. Dr. Holmes is a member of the San Joaquin County Medical Association.